Tuesday, 22 July 2014


cow & calf; my new mini; Leia's playschool graduation;
flowers from my garden; seflie; Tom & Bella; my bedroom;
me & Bella; Tia-Maria

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Little Family

Hi guys, I thought I'd just do a little intro into the little family I can call my own..

Firstly, this is my best friend and better half of two and a half years, he really does keep me sane and understands me more than anyone in the world (soppy soppy soppy!!)

This is my beautiful Bella Bo the Pomeranian, we have only had her a few months after taking her on from someone else. She's only a small pooch but she's full of character (and fluff) and has really added something to our home. I've always been a dog person and jumped at the chance of taking Bella on!

My lovely little moggy Tia, I bought her home as a kitten as I desperately wanted a cat and Tom kept saying no! So I just went and got her (I do no advise doing this) luckily he loved her just as much as me and the house just wouldn't be the same without her. She's not much of a lap cat but she lets you give her quick munch now and again and she always sleeps by my feet. 

I  love my little family unconditionally, and I would not change them for the world !