Thursday, 4 September 2014

Happy Birthday Tia!

On the 30th August 2014 it was my beautiful little kitty's birthday, she turned 1!

Sometimes I wish she was still this tiny little bundle of fur, but then again I'm quite glad she's gone past her 'I'm going to climb up your leg' phase. As far as I can tell she's a small cat for her age as she is still really small!

I grew up around dogs, we never had a cat and I had never really interacted with a cat before in my life, I might go as far to say I was slightly afraid of them, they always seemed shifty and could go from sleeping quietly to scratching your eyes out in a matter of seconds. I was wrong, don't get me wrong I'm sure some cats are like this.

11 months after bringing little Tia in to our lives (much to Tom's dismay) she is a part of our family and I don't think either of us would be without her. She's such a little character and although very anti-cuddles she is never far from my feet especially when it's bed time.

Love you Pusstat!

How many of you have a fur family?

Hope you enjoyed... Mwahh!

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