Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Day Out

Although my sister, niece and nephew only live down the road from me I rarely find time to spend with them working 9-5, 5 days a week so I took a day out of my schedule to spend entirely with them. 

My sister and I were planning a lovely trip to the beach but as the weather has taken a rather dramatic turn in the opposite direction we settled for something that was slightly less needy of sunshine.

Park Hall Farm - this place is awesome! At first I thought it was going to be a stereotypical outing for 'city kids' to get a tiny taste of country life and being a country bumkin and wannabe shepherdess myself I thought it might be a bit boring - how wrong I was.

Firstly they had this quirky little 'driving school' for the kids (note: they have to be 3 or over) and it was really quite comical to see my five year old niece behind the wheel and in full control of a vehicle, no matter how small!

On the other hand my poor little munch was totally devastated when he couldn't have a go and did shed a few not so silent tears.

There is so much to do at this place it is perfect to keep the children occupied for a whole day, there's a little petting place with loads of different types of rabbits and guinea pigs. They can learn get up close and personal with two rather huge Clydesdale's and two lovely little Shetlands. In amongst a fabulous play area is a little cafe for Mum & Dad, where you can sit with a cuppa and watch the little ones from a safe distance.

Personally my favourite moment had to be the pig racing. Lucy and I both thought this was going to be fairly standard, a few pigs taking their time to stroll to the finish line - again how wrong we were.


You get to pick a coloured sticker, which of course allocates to a pig with a sprayed colour on their backs. As soon as the gate opened we all shouted 'GO' and these pigs literally raced down the track even over the jumps - it was really quite funny and the pigs seemed to enjoy it too (and the children of course)

All the tears earlier from Riley weren't totally in vain as he did get a go on something I wish I could have fitted my big adult bum into.

There were about 5-6 of these little barrels that were pulled along by a little tractor - totally cute although I was slightly worried Riley might jump out half way round!

They had a lovely opportunity to hand milk a beautiful Jersey cow, Leia actually managed to get some milk in the bucket and I don't think Riley entirely understood what he was doing - still super cute!

This place is a bargain for the amount you can do, perfect for the summer holidays - Park Hall Farm is located at Oswestry, and I cannot recommend it more, if I wrote about all the things you could do this blog post would be ten pages long!

Hope you enjoyed - what have you been up to these holidays?


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