Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to : Galaxy Choc Chip Cookies

Hello lovley's, now I'm not much of a chef but I can make a few basic things - such as cookies! So for (i imagine very few) of you here is my quick run by on a super simple recipe for super quick cookies!

You will need;
300g Caster Sugar
200g Butter
1 Egg
325g Self Raising Flour
1-2 Bars of Galaxy Chocolate 

Firstly you add your sugar and butter together and mix until creamy - if your butter is a bit hard just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds, just a few though else it will just be liquid!! This is my favourite bit, does anyone else think this combination is literally the tastiest thing ever?!

Then add your egg into the mixture - I was always told never to eat raw egg so after this point I never eat the cake batter, is anyone else like this? Loads of people I know eat it! 

Add in the flour, a little bit at a time - the mixture does become quite hard to mix now if it's still quite runny you've gone wrong... but just add a bit more flour.

I simply broke up a bar of Galaxy Chocolate (my fave!) but you can use any chocolate you want - I'm thinking of trying those new Cadbury chocolates in this - mmm Daim Choc Chip Cookies ! I then cut each chunk into three, but if you want really chunky choc chips just chuck them in whole! 

So the batter is now more like a dough, take a small handful, roll into a ball and pop onto a baking tray - I have covered my tray with baking paper just so they come off easier. The cookie balls can be any size you want, these are fairly small but make sure you leave plenty of space between them, this is why...

As they cook the mixture melts down and leaves you with lovely, warm, gooey cookies!

If you want to make Double Choc Chip Cookies just add some Cocoa Powder into the flour.

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial... Mwahh!

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