Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Glasses!

I have had the same old glasses for about two years now and to be honest I don't think they are benefiting my sight anymore (blind as a bat) so I got my new prescription and decided to take the plunge..

My tired, old & worn glasses
I could not believe how expensive glasses are nowadays, this would be my first time actually having to buy a pair and I refused to buy a crappy standard pair at the cost of an arm and a leg. I was pretty deflated about this until a colleague told me to check out some online sites.

Glasses Direct is an amazing site and they also allow you to trial up to four pairs of glasses for a week, this was great as I hadn't even tried any on in the opticians and had no idea what I wanted!

I had a few trials before I decided on the pair I liked but I was ultimately gutted when I saw these were still out of my price range!

I kept on searching around the web when I found the pair!! Finally!!

They are completely inexpensive at £15.00 and I was pretty chuffed when I saw they also were on 50% off!! So I got my new face goggles for a grand total of £7.50 + Carriage.. amazing!

The site I found them on is Direct Sight and they have this offer on until Tuesday, so I'd get on over there now!!

I was a bit nervous about buying my glasses online because of the perscription and my optician always seems to do a lot of measuring to get them to fit perfectly, but you just simply put in all the information you get on your card from the eye doctor!

New Glasses
 I was so impressed with the website, normally glasses can take up to 2 weeks to be made specifically for you, and when I placed my order it said between 7-10 working days!! 4 days later and these little beauties were dropped through my letter box! 

I love them, they feel of such a good quality for the price and are right on trend. I ummed and ahhed about getting just the plain black ones but I thought, no! I will step out of my comfort zone and get something a bit jazzy. I love the pink on them it's so subtly and yet adds so much!

I think they look great on my face even if they are larger than my other glasses. It's so nice to have something fresh and new.

 .. and I think Bella likes them too!!

What do you think, leave your comments below! 

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