Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Weekend Buys

I had an accidental splurge at the weekend, I try and try to save but shopping always happens...

.. luckily it's just a small one! 

Dress - H&M 
Topsy Tails - H&M
Lint Roller - H&M
Sanctuary Spa Massage & Body Oil - Boots
Garnier Micellar Water - Boots

I love this dress, it's really bright - not my usual pick! It's floaty, light & bold, perfect for this summer. This was in the sale and I think it was about £5.00 - bargain!!

When I saw these Topsy Tails I just new I had to have them, they were a huge part in my childhood as my mum used them on me an my sisters pretty much everyday for school. I am so excited to see what new hairstyles I can create using these - tutorial post maybe?

Having a cat and one extremely fluffy dog I have been meaning to pick a lint roller up for ages but unfortunately the only time you remember is when your about to go out somewhere and you are covered in hair and fluff! These are about a pound from H&M so totally inexpensive and they come in loads of jazzy colours and patterns!!

Okay so I have caved and jumped on the clique bandwagon. Say hello to the millionth time the Garnier Micellar Water, my skin at the moment is horrendous and so I decided I needed a half decent cleanser or something and this product has been raved about so much and at £3.99 I couldn't argue. 
Since my skin is so bad at the moment I am going to trial this product for a whole month taking photos as I go and give a good review at the end!

Just lately I have been having the worst backache ever and have been in desperate need of a good massage. Whilst in Boots I grabbed the Sanctuary Spa Massage and Body Oil and pretty much ran home to try it out (with the help of Tom of course). This stuff is amazing, it smells amazing, it feels amazing - all round amazing! Review to come!!

There have been a few slaps on the backs of my hands this weekend - I really had to curb the spending bug!!

Hope you enjoyed... Mwahh!


  1. I'm glad you bought the Garnier Micellar Water, I love it and have a full comparison of drugstore Micellar waters going up on my blog tomorrow!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Lovely! I look forward to reading it! :)